• Business Strategy

    Problems Always Exist.
    Protect Your Assets, People, and Reputations.
    LGA - Your Solution - Your Management Advisory Firm!

    Objective - Comprehensive Safeguard Protection of critical assets and assessments for preventative and proactive plans for organizational direction and strategy to anticipate your risks.
    Our Approach

    Emphasis - Risk Avoidance & Advisors for Security Concerns offer continuity with strategic and operational efficiency & cost effectiveness provided to Senior Executives.
    Mission Readiness

    Focus - Innovative Preventive Measures providing crucial assurance for Cyber Intellectual Property, Infrastructure Protection, and Emergency Preparedness created for your organization, your leadership, and your stakeholders.
    Our Capabilities

  • Executive Business Risk Assessment

    Anticipate the Unexpected…
    Be Prepared Now!

    Experience - Briefing highest levels of Government Executives, Legislators, and the Judiciary on Sensitive Topics sharpened skills to effectively work with issues.
    Our Experience

    Co-founded by BILL LIVINGOOD, 36th Sergeant at Arms for the U.S. House of Representatives and former US Secret Service Executive, LGA is located in Washington D.C. With management of more than 700 security and safeguards risk assessments and projects, we offer Senior Executives a range of Risk Mapping, Assessments, and Solution Capabilities for complex, sensitive environments.

~ Your Critical Preparedness Starts NOW ~


LGA emphasizes vital segments within your organization that protect assets, ensures business continuity, reduces liability exposure, provides professional assurance to clients, and maintains your confidence in operational integrity.  With emphasis on improving your professional operations by eliminating/reducing risks which negatively impact your business, our operational teams are selected based on diversified experience relevant to meeting your needs. We offer strategic and operational effectiveness in Business Security & Protection, Governmental Strategies & Consulting, and Risk Assessment & Cyber Protection.

Our mission is to protect your Operational Readiness.

Business Security and Protection

Business Security and Protection

  • Security Management Systems
      • Scope & Objectives
      • Processes & Procedures
      • Responsible & Accountable Resources
      • Verification & Measurement
      • Feedback & Improvement
  • Resiliency & Continuity of Operations
  • Command & Control Systems
  • Security Incident Investigation & Analysis
  • Intelligence & Threat Characterization
    & Analysis
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Security Due Diligence

Governmental Strategies & Consulting

Governmental Strategies & Consulting

  • Strategies & Consulting Services
      • Assess Client’s Relationship with Federal Organizations/Sub-Agencies
      • Conduct Market Entry Strategy
      • Management Consulting/ Professional Networking
      • Corporate Relations
      • Marketing & Procurement
  • Government Liaison & Networking
      • Regulatory Compliance
      • Interagency Liaison
      • Due Diligence Product Support
  • Security Services, Partnerships & Alliances
      • Teaming Strategies
      • Leverage Resource Capabilities
      • Contact Strategies

Risk Assessment & Cyber Protection

Risk Assessment & Cyber Protection

  • Internationally Recognized Decision Tools & use of Multidisciplinary Teams
  • Probabilities & Consequences Identification
      • Undesired Events
      • Assumed Off Normal Operations
  • Security Vulnerability Analysis
  • Specific Risk Management Programs Assessed/Developed
  • Security Risk Management Integration into Organizational Risk Management Programs
  • Applied Security Technologies
  • Consulting Life Cycle Infrastructure Security, Cyber, and ‘otherwise’
  • Change/Configuration Management
  • Management Advisory Services
  • TSCM - Technical Security Countermeasures

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  • FIXMO, INC. – Advisory Board
  • US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY – Secretary’s Advisory Council